Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chores as Exercise

The Huffington Post brought us this nifty article on chores and calorie counts. A staple of Men's Health and women's fashion mags for years (carrying your groceries burns 90 calories an hour! curling your hair burns 5 calories a second!), they bring up an important aspect of being a part of the bi-pedal homo sapien sapien mammal clan: we are built to move, and the more we move throughout our day, the better for our health. If you want to fight off disease, keep everything tickin', and feel and act better, move. As grad students we enjoy moving from class to class to library to bar, and our brains are the better for it.

My favorite ways to move during the day:

1) Get up from desk and do wall pushups in the bathroom. Yes, it's dorky. Looking like Michelle Obama in a tank top is not.

2) Walk around the block. Power walk if shoes and outfit allow.

3) When you're on the computer, sit up straight and engage your core muscles. Ripped abs are not brought on by crunches so much as active muscle engagement.

4) Can we say dance party in the lunchroom?

5) If you can get away with it, slip your shoes off under your desk and stretch out your feet. Shoes can cramp your muscles and nothing is more relaxing than a good stretch.

6) Park your car at the end of the lot and walk.

7) Lift heavy things. Be the guy who refills the water cooler, everyone likes that fella and it's a great mini workout.

8) Throw your kids around (nicely). Piggy backs and swings make Fun Mom/Fun Dad/Fun UncleAuntieCousinGodmomma and give kids great memories of good times and you the benefit of a workout.

9) Get up from your desk at least once an hour and move. It adds up!

What are your some of favorite ways to slip a little more activity into your day?

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